Jimmy Is Honored In CAE XPRESS Newsletter for His Cultural Diversity Missions

On February 8, 2019 by admin

Jimmy works as a Quality Control Inspector Specialist for this state of the art, world’s First Class Best Canadian Flight Simulator Manufacture Company and Pilots Training Program in the world, CAE. These are Jimmy’s years of recognition from CAE HR, CEO and Communications for his continuous contributions for his CAE proud achievements.


Jimmy Chan, the CAE Cultural Ambassador of diversity – A culture that promotes diversity

This is what CAE CEO Marc Parent honored Jimmy Chan on the CAE news letter CAE XPRESS about his cultural diversity missions:

On February 5th 2019, Jimmy Chan, a Quality Control Inspector Specialist with more than 30 years of service at CAE, and Marc Parent, the President and Chief Executive Officer, met during a celebration of the Chinese New Year.

Who is Jimmy Chan in CAE and in our communities? Maybe you saw his drum performance as part of CAE Talent Show for the United Way campaign at CAE Montreal? He has also produced videos for the last two end-of-year celebrations. He has been the leader of a cultural youth program and a cultural diversity mission in the Chinese community for many years. He is an ambassador on many fronts for diversity and employee engagement.

Who is Marc Parent in CAE ? I hope you know the answer, but if not, he recently won the CEO of the Year award given by Les Affaires, travels the world to put CAE in the spotlight, and takes every opportunity to meet CAE employees across the globe. Diversity and inclusion are part of his every move.

Yes, CAE is an innovation company, but it’s also a company that celebrates cultural diversity; it’s a human company before being virtual. It’s impromptu meetings. It’s diversity and inclusion! Thank you Jimmy Chan’s leadership as he is our CAE Cultural Ambassador of diversity worldwide!

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