Jimmy Chan a professional actor, film director/producer, performer, choreographer, stuntman, athlete and is a contributor to the community.

He is the founder, producer/director, photographer and videographer/cameraman of Dragon Knights Video Production.

He is also founder of the Montreal Chan Lion Dance Club, as well as the Montreal Chan Dragon Boat Sports Club.

Jimmy is also the director of the Montreal Chinese Community and Cultural Center’s Youth Program and has been involved with the Chinese community for over 20 years, volunteering his time organizing events including gathering up members of the community to participate in the Canada Day Parade to represent all the proud Chinese Canadians.

Jimmy is a graduate from Art Instruction School in Minnesota USA with a degree in industrial and commercial design. He also has a degree from Herzing Institute (Montreal) as an industrial electronic technologist.

Jimmy’s true passion is making movies. Every year, Jimmy produces a short film and enters it into the ACTRA short film festival in Montreal. In these events, Jimmy proves that even on low budget, he could produce a 10 minute short film with a full story that can capture the audiences’ hearts.

With his passion and creativity, Jimmy’s films have earned several awards every year at the ACTRA short film festival.

To see examples of Jimmy’s work, click here to Jimmy’s independent films!.

Jimmy’s dream and goal is to produce and direct his own Motion Picture and put it up on the big screen!

Jimmy is a part-time actor in Quebec, and has been a certified full ACTRA member for many years (Actra is a National organization that represents professional performers in Canada’s recorded media, actor and Canadian Artists and producers professional relations). His acting skills have given him his strong character and discipline in this field of work.

In 2003, Jimmy had his big break in the movie, Human Stain, starring Ed Harris, Nicole Kidman and Anthony Hawkins. He auditioned for, and achieved a principal role. It was his first time having his own trailer side by side with these well-known Hollywood stars.

Jimmy has earned a lot of experience on the set in several movies and commercials.

Jimmy said that if he could make it as a full-time actor, he would quit his 27 year career in the Avionic Industry as a Q.C Inspector Specialist, and let his dreams and passion flow through in this motion picture journey.

Jimmy has earned his reputation as a qualified film director and fight choreographer in the action film industry. He has performed stunts in movies such as Death Race and The Punisher: Warzone. Being a black belt in Karate, Jimmy also choreographs his own fight scenes and stunts for his independent productions. Many people also call on Jimmy to help them choreograph their own fight scenes.

Jimmy Chan is a director of the Montreal Chinese Community and Cultural Center; he is also the director of the youth program of the Chinese Community Cultural Center.

Jimmy makes it a mission to create opportunities for the youth to explore their talents and pursue them. By using the facilities offered in the Montreal Chinese Community and Cultural Center, Jimmy creates programs, activities and events to help the youth reach their goals, while at the same time, promoting cultural exchange.

Jimmy has already had such successful projects such as hip-hop dancing classes, Chinese lion dance classes, and martial arts classes. Jimmy aims to attract the next Chinese generation to their own heritage. He also wants to discover new talents among the Chinese youth.

One of Jimmy’s most well-known events was his “Making the Band” event, where young musicians around the community got together to create bands, and competed against each other, like “battle of the bands”.

This event also included a karaoke contest, and featured special stage shows between band/singing performances. Jimmy is planning another Making the Band event in the near future.

A theater program and acting workshop is being developed and soon, classes will be held at the cultural center for the Chinese youth who are interested in acting and theater performance.

Jimmy loves to explore every aspect of the entertainment industry. Besides acting and producing films, Jimmy also performs lion dance and his own drumming solo, called Goo Mo Do. Jimmy performs alongside his lion dance club, The Chan Lion Dance Club, which consists of close friends and family. Together, they perform for public events and special occasions.

Jimmy is a natural story teller and is well-known for his public speaking skills. Jimmy often volunteers his time as an MC for many community events. As an entertainer, he is able to draw the crowds’ attention using his unique sense of humor and his enthusiasm.

Jimmy is a director of the Montreal International Dragon Boat Race Festival as a Team Builder. He is also the coach and captain of his own two dragon boat teams, Phoenix Warriors (mixed team) and Dragon Knights ( men team ). In 2009 and 2010, Jimmy lead his dragon boat team to Shanghai to represent Montreal. There, they they won 5th place (2009), and 3rd place (2010) overall.

Jimmy and his team’s success earned them a place in the Golden Book of City Hall.

Jimmy was also recruited to a Montreal Club Crew Championship Team. Together, they represented Montreal in Macau China at the Club Crew World Championship ( CCWC ). It was a great success; they came home with 3 medals (1 bronze 3rd place in the world at the 2000 meter race, 1 bronze 3rd place in 500 meter race, and 1 Silver 2nd place at the 200 meter race).

Jimmy trains on a regular basis and believes in keeping the body healthy through diet and exercise. He has been hired by local political figures to help them get into shape through intense exercise regimens.

Here is a list of Jimmy’s more well-known achievements in the Artistic world and entertainment Industry :

Artistic creation and performance consultant :
This year 2011 was an incredible achievements for Jimmy’s  acting, filming directing and his Artistic career.

In early March 2011 this year, Cirque Du Soleil had invited Jimmy and signed a contract with him with Cirque Du Soleil as an “ Artistic Coach – New Creation Artistic Director ” for Cirque Du Soleil “ MICHAEL JACKSON – THE IMMORTAL WORLD TOUR ( 2011 ) ”, premiering on October 1st in Montreal at the Pepsi Forum. After that, it will go around the world as the biggest show ever created by Cirque du Soleil. This was Jimmy’s greatest dream to be able to work with so many talented performers, that he was invited to be one of the “ Artistic coach – New Creation Artistic Director ”.

2011 : Short Film written, produced and directed, called “Twisted Fate”, at the ACTRA Short Film Festival.

2011 : Lion dance and martial arts performance to promote the legendary Shaolin performance from China, “Chi: tale of the dragon”.

2011 : Got the principle role as a sword maker for the movie “Wings of the Dragon”, in production until November 2011.

2011 : Fashion runway. Created, produced for the Fashion Runway of Montreal.

In 2003 – 2008 : Fashion run way Artistic Director and Casting director.

In 2004 – 2009 : Talent show, Singing, dancing “ Do you have Talents “ – Founder / Producer. Mission : To provide opportunity and exposure to discover new talents.


Mega Atlas Fashion Montreal – producer / artistic director. Successful events on the consecutive years from 1996 – 2002

One World, One Humanity – 2001 Founder and event coordinator. Mission :  To help those who are in need in the world.

Raised fund for RED CROSS for Africa and the third world country to feed the kids.

Raised fund for RED CROSS to aid the China earth quick victims 2009.

Raised fund for RED CROSS to aid Haiti earth quick victims 2010.

Raised fund for RED CROSS with the Japanese Community and Cultural Center to aid the Japan earth quick victims 2011.

Karate champion at the World Oyama Karate Championship –Held the first place Gold medalist in Kata at the three consecutive years 1998 – 2000

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