La Presse Chinoise – Jimmy’s 2019 Achievements In The Canada Day Parade And Dragon Boat Racing

On July 1, 2019 by admin

La Presse Chinoise covered Jimmy’s achievements in the Canada Day parade, drumming celebration and dragon boat racing in 2019!

In the past 39 years, as the president of the Chinese community’s two Chan Associations, President/Sifu Jimmy Chan has been leading his Chinese community and organizing his groups to participate in the Canada Day parade every year. In fact, he was the very first Chinese person in Montreal to organize a group from his community to take part in the parade 39 years ago and he continues to show his proud Canadian dedication every year. Jimmy is also the president of the Montreal Canada Day Drumming Celebration drumming team, and organized a large group of drummers to get together and drum together on Canada Day.

On that same year, Jimmy had lead his his dragon boat team Phoenix Warriors to the annual dragon boat challenge, where they won 1st place Gold at the Montreal Challenge 2000m race. President/Sifu Jimmy Chan is also one of the two dragon boat founders in Montreal, introducing the sport and culture of dragon boat racing to Montreal/Quebec. In fact, Jimmy built the very first dragon boat team in Montreal and the Chinese community called Dragon Knights since 1996. His second team, Phoenix Warriors was formed in 2003.

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