Jimmy in “Punisher” Movie

On December 16, 2008 by admin

Jimmy Chan was casted to be the Stunt Actor in the movie – Punisher: Warzone last year October 2007. Jimmy got Matthew Chan and Kane Chan to take part of the movie through Jimmy’s agent Johanne Titley.

And during the first day of the shooting, the film producer and the director were looking for two young Asian tough looking punks with bad attitudes – and so Matthew and Kane were chosen and were upgraded on the set by the director to take part in action roles. They were given speaking roles.

Here’s the scene of Matthew and Kane:

(In the picture below, scene of the movie Punisher II, where the Asian Gang Bangers are gathered together around a couch, you will see Jimmy sitting at the front right side, Kane sitting at the left far back, and Matthew sitting at the right far back. )

On The Set Photos of The Punisher: Warzone:

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