Phoenix Warriors – Fundraising Comedy Night

On December 15, 2011 by admin

Jimmy and his dragon boat team, Phoenix Warriors, held a fundraising event at ComedyNest, to raise funds for their training and competition entry fees for the upcoming season.

They had a very successful fundraiser at the Comedy Nest. A big thanks to all their supporters!

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Special Presentation by Jimmy Chan to his good friend, Jacques Monette (Video):

Captain Jimmy Chan:
There will be a special presentation to one of our greatest team supporter after the show tonight, his name is Jacques Monette ,

He works with me in the same company, during our MIDRRF Montreal Dragon Boat Festival this year, he and his family came and cheered on us, he is one of our fan for years, he always wanted to experience to participate in dragon boating, but he has a health problem, I have been helping him in fitness training the past years.

This year, after he came to cheer on our team at the Montreal festival big race, on the same week during his vacation, he had a stroke, his heart stopped while he was sleeping, actually his heart stopped more than two times, but it wasn’t his time yet.

And now he has a pacer next to his heart to keep him in good health, he said, GOD sent him back, he sent him back to be with our team Phoenix Warriors, he came to me, and he has made a commitment to himself to train hard to run the marathon next summer, to prove that he is OK !

I was really touched when he told me, and asked me to be his trainer as to be his supporter, to give him more motivation. Tonight, it will be a special moment for him, for everyone in our team to come together like a big family to witness his new journey, and for that, I will be presenting him my own GOLD medal that we won at the men competition this year to him for his courage and spirit as a fighter, that he is running for his life.

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