ACTRA Short Film Festival 2017

On June 8, 2017 by admin

Here is Jimmy’s 2017 short film, which premiered at the 2017 Montreal ACTRA Short Film Festival. This was Jimmy’s 15th consecutive year participating in the short film festival!

This short film takes place in a magical world, where a father reunites with his son, who is a warrior in training and who has been exploring the universe for 10,000 years–he returns to show his father what he has learned in his travels.

For those who missed it, you watch the short film here:

Audiences were pleased with how the short film was not what they expected it would be. Starting off as a serious tone, the short quickly turned comedic.

With a run time of just under 3 minutes, this was the shortest short film that Jimmy has ever produced. Jimmy refers to it as short and sweet. At the ACTRA Short Film Festival, audiences were left wanting to see more, which is exactly what Jimmy will do as he plans to turn this short film into a saga. Stay tuned for the next part of this series in 2018!


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