ACTRA Short Film Festival 2016

On September 27, 2016 by admin

Jimmy participated in the annual ACTRA Short Film Festival again this year. His most recent short film The Myth Beyond The Dreams was played along with other fantastic short films produced by various Montreal artists.

Check out the theatrical trailer below!

Jimmy himself stated:

Wow! Last night’s ACTRA Short Film Festival was fantastic! Full house !!! There were many interesting and great films shown last night at the festival. Thank you ACTRA Public Relations Officer Randy Duniz, who organized this awesome annual event!

I want to thank my family and all their friends who attended at last minute’s notice to share the memorable experience of my film along with others great films from various great directors and producers from Montreal.

All the actors and actresses really demonstrated their talent and skill on screen. It was a really enjoyable evening! A big thanks to the two very talented actresses Fanny Wong and Michelle Jiang.

My next film is coming up in production soon in 2017 and I’m in process of writing it…! For those actors who I spoke with last night and who expressed their interest in taking part in our next film, we will be in contact soon ! Thank you my friends…! The best is yet to come !


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