Canada Day Parade 2016

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Jimmy and his Montreal Chinese community participated in the Canada Day parade again this year. This marks Jimmy’s 20th year being part of this amazing event! This year was especially important because his community had the honour of being in Section B, leading the parade!

Message from Jimmy:

In my 20 years organizing our Chinese community at the annual Canada day parade, this year we had more than 600 proud Chinese Canadians from their different Cultural associations join in at the Parade. We had the honour of being in section B leading the Parade. It was awesome! The weather was perfect! And I was on the Dragon Drum as the Dragon Master drumming on a big drum with our honorable Glen Woo leading our Chinese community at the Parade. The feeling was amazing and I was proud to have my family cheer us on along with thousands of people to celebrate who we are as proud Canadians, as we have made this beautiful land our home! I also had the honor of being invited onto the VIP stage along with Dr. Shao president of our MCCUC, president of Montreal Free Maison, our Montreal mayor and others.

I want to thank all the great volunteers who helped decorated our Dragon Float for the Canada Day Parade yesterday! A Big thanks to my great friend and a great drummer, Sifu Glen Woo. And thank you to Lion Dancers Matthew Chan, Mackenzie Chan, Tommy Woo, Danny Wu, Franky Yuen and Free Maison Lion Dance team, Kin Yiu and his Feng Huang Wushu team, Wayne Out, as well as the mighty Dragon dancers. And thank you to my wonderful wife Susan Woo and our Chan family! And thank you Wok Cafe for sponsoring us with great food!

A special thanks to Xian Hu from 7days Chinese community newspaper for covering the whole event!

And a special thanks to Dr. Shao President of MCCUC, Mr. Li from our MCCUC and Lin Guo for being our great coordinator, and with my heart felt thanks to all the 680 people from many of your cultural associations, and schools. I really appreciate the support and the assistance from our Montreal Chinese Embassy, and our MCCUC, joining in together yesterday at the parade to celebrate Canada day.

You all have made this the most successful and memorable Chinese Community Canada day parade to be proud of for days to come!

Credit of the pictures and video taken at the 2016 Canada Day Parade go to Angela Chan & Jonathan Chan. Thank you both for your great team work and your full-hearted volunteer spirit in the Chinese Community!

Please forward my message to share with the others, thank you !

Until then, see you all next year 2017 at the Ville de Montreal 375e Anniversary Celebration Canada Day parade!

Thank you!

Jimmy Chan 陈燮堃

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